5 Places to Buy Modafinil Online and is it Safe?

During my last visit to this Walgreens Pharmacy, I wanted to purchase an item that was not in stock at that time. The cashier took product info, my name, and my phone and promised that someone would call me back if this item would come with the next delivery. Later, a Customer Service representative called and left a message that Modafinil would be reserved for me if I needed it. Very polite, respectful, and caring staff! Thank you!

Called the pharmacy 4 hours after Modafinil order was placed online to see if it was ready. They told me 30 minutes longer. I show up two hours later, and they tell me to wait another 45 minutes. Go to Walgreens across the street. Edit: to follow up, I called Walgreens Pharmacy again another 2 hours later. Was on automated hold for 10 minutes before calling Walgreens Pharmacy customer service. They told me again that the prescription was not ready and I would have to wait “10 more minutes”.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 45 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States | Phone: (408) 946-6424  | Website: https://www.cvs.com/

I have never been so impressed by a pharmacy before. I went to CVS Pharmacy because my husband had been released from the ICU late & it was the only pharmacy I could find open that was made on a Sunday. I was so grateful that they were open & they were so kind to me. They went out of their way to help me with my prescriptions & talk to me about Modafinil prices and what was going on with my husband. They made a future customer for sure!

Worst customer service ever. After long periods of ringing, the person that answers says: pls hold, and never comes back. I had to call several times to receive the same treatment. I had received a message earlier to pls call as there was a problem with my Modafinil prescription. Why are employees allowed to treat customers this way? This is the second occasion that this has happened. What are we supposed to do? Drive all the way to find out the order will never be ready?

Rite Aid Pharmacy
Address: 968 Murrieta Blvd, Livermore, CA 94550, United States | Phone: (925) 373-0455 | Website: https://www.riteaid.com/

Always awesome, they are always cheerful, ready to help, got a problem, they will get it figured out. It’s a real gem of a place. If a customer gets a little upset, they have a huge calming effect.

Do not try to get a travel covid test with Rite Aid Pharmacy. They closed the pharmacy and didn’t let anyone with appointments know. Plus, they told me to go to CVS, which told me to go to Rite Aid Pharmacy again at a later time. Rite Aid Pharmacy, what a joke. Go to Sonora Quest. They got me in right away.

Costco Pharmacy
Address: 2800 Independence Dr, Livermore, CA 94551, United States | Phone: (925) 443-6783 | Website: https://www.costco.com/

I may be the exception, but my experiences over the years have always been very good. On Thursday, August 26th, the pharmacist was circumstantially alone, and she was a superhero helping people at a frenetic pace with a smile in her eyes (mask covered her nose and mouth.) Remarkable service at a busy time and best Modafinil prices! I had to make a note since it left me in awe of her “above-the-call” service. Always good for me, but this was unbelievable.

Costco Pharmacy is terrible. 5 minutes before closing, and I get my RX. Ciara was not helpful, nor was the pharmacist. They need faster people who understand what they are doing. They also need organizational skills. She couldn’t find the medication after telling me to come back at 7:30, and it’s still not ready…..